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Out with the Old, in with the New...

June 25th 2019

As part of a series of improvements scheduled throughout 2019, we are proud to welcome to our factory in North Wales, a new 100 Ton Butterley Machine Press! Introducing new equipment is always an exciting and challenging time, but even more so when it weighs in excess of 12 tons and stands over 3.5m tall.

To “press” is the act of applying pressure to flatten, soften, shape or smooth and is one of the stages many ISC products will go through during the manufacturing process. We take 3-6mm 6/7000 series Aluminium plate in its annealed (heat treated) form and using a “pierce and blank” tool (die), apply pressure to cut out components ready to be used during production.

The new press is capable of repeating this process at a rate of 300 pieces per hour, whilst delivering a maximum press weight of 100 tons. This will be run alongside our 70 Ton Press, to keep up with manufacturing demand during peak times.

Installing such a large and heavy piece of machinery is not without its challenges, first we had to make some room. This involved the decommissioning of a much smaller and older Press, allowing us to reconfigure the Press Shop layout and releasing a suitable space where the new press would live.

Once the old press was disposed of, we turned our attention to bringing in the new machine. Weighing in at a hefty 12 tons, this wasn’t going to be easy, but thankfully we could rely on the expertise of professional machine installers J.H. Kemp Ltd. 

Using a specially adapted forklift truck fitted with a hydraulic lift attachment, the new press was lifted clear of the trailer. Notice how the rear of the fork lift has an extending chassis to add additional (and much needed) ballast during transportation. The total transit weight now approaching 25 tons!

The next stage was to navigate this colossal weight across the car park towards the Press Shop, located at the rear end of the factory; a distance of around 100m. The surface of the route was carefully surveyed for any undulations which may upset the balance of the fork lift and lead to a catastrophe, something we obviously didn’t want to happen.

Having successfully completed it’s journey down to the Press Shop, the next challenge was access. The margins were tight, the Press Shop door providing only 2 inches of clearance, we all watched on with bated breath…

Thankfully Garry (Press Shop Supervisor) was spot on with his measurements and the Press was finally inside. With some skillful maneuvering, it was lowered into position, establishing itself as the pride of the ISC Press Fleet!


Blog gallery:

  • Butterley 100T Press
  • G.Lock Decommission
  • Forklift Hydraulic Lift
  • route survey
  • Shop Door
  • adjustment before lower
  • installing feet
  • Flagship Press

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Grimpday 2019

June 10th 2019

A huge congratulations to Team Intervention Rescue who placed joint 7th overall at Grimpday 2019. This is a fantastic achievement given that the 30 teams that entered the competition are the global elite in rope rescue. No doubt Intervention Rescue will be back again next year, well done Adam, Nick, Emma, Tom, Paul, Neil & Seb!

Continue below to catch up with all the action from this years Grimp...

June 5th 2019

It's that time of year again when Namur, Belgium welcomes Search and Rescue Teams from across the Globe to compete in Grimpday.

Created in 2006 by Namur's regional Fire Department, Grimpday has grown to become a 'reference in the world of rope rescue', attracting teams from all divisions of search and rescue including, Fire, Civil Defense, Military and Police.  

ISC's involvement with Grimpday began in 2017, when Adam Davies (ISC Territory Sales Manager) was invited to compete as part of the Hong Kong Rope Union Rescue Team. Impressed with the level of competition and insight gained, Adam was keen to enter his own team and so approached a number of key individuals, each with the skills, experience and determination to take Grimpday by storm...

Introducing, Intervention Rescue:

Nick Croudace - Team Leader

Nick is renowned for his leadership skills, with over 20 years operational experience in the UK Fire & Rescue Service. Nick is an IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) Level 3 Assessor and has been the Rope Rescue Lead for UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organization) for the last 7 Years.

Nick is passionate about advancing the professional rope rescue discipline and his unique background and expertise has led to him training and assessing this discipline globally.


Tom Gwilliam - Team Assessor

Tom is Director and Training Manager for Specialist Training Consultants Limited (STC). Tom’s passion is rope rescue as well as studying and furthering the knowledge and understanding of those delivering technical rescue programmes.

Tom is a founding member, instructor and assessor of the recently formed International Technical Rescue Association. Tom is also an on call firefighter in the UK Fire and Rescue Service. Tom’s recent projects include the planning, training, and provision of technical rescue personnel, on what will be the largest offshore wind-farm in the world.


Neil Luke-McLean - Team Member

Neil is a whole-time firefighter Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service, stationed at the Technical Rescue Unit in Droitwich. Neil is also part of National Resilience Urban Search & Rescue Team (USAR). 

Neil has a wealth of experience and duties beyond frontline firefighting including, Confined Space, Rope Rescue & LACE, heavy lifting and moving and Pre-hospital Trauma (RSC Ed). He also holds Instructor Level qualifications for USAR, Water Rescue (R3 agency) and Hotcut (NRAT).
Neil's personal passions outside of work revolve mainly around mountains, rock and ice.


Emma Allen - Team Casualty & Support

Emma is the National Account Manager for Fletcher Stewart Ltd. and Stein Worldwide and the “Mum” of Intervention Rescue.
As the willing “victim” for the Team, Emma is keen to extend her knowledge of rope access and rescue techniques from the very unique viewpoints she’s exposed to during competition scenarios, with unwavering faith in her accomplished teammates!




Paul Beattie-Edwards - Team Member 

Paul has 12 years experience as an IRATA Level 3 Instructor. Having started as a Rope Technician in 2001, Paul has worked as a Tech on 'everything and anything'. A self-confessed rope geek, when he's not working-at-height, Paul can normally be found up a rock face!


Sebastjan Kocijanic - Team Member

Seb is an IRATA Level 3 Instructor, having gained over 10 years experience in the working-at-height and rescue industry. His background in the busy London construction scene as a Rope Access Technician, led to his progression to instructor, in all aspects of work and rescue at height for various industries.


Adam Davies - Team Member

Adam is an IRATA Level 1 and experienced ISC Product Demonstrator and Technical Author. Adam has vast experience as a Rope Rescue Instructor, Working-at-Height Supervisor and First Response Emergency Care (FREC). His background as a qualified Arborist and member of the Arboricultural Association, has given him great insight and understanding to Risk Assessment and worksite safety.

Adam has recently been promoted to Territory Sales Manager, looking after the interests of a portfolio of Central European and  African Accounts.


Intervention Rescue will be looking to build on their 2018 debut where they finished a very respectful 6th from 36 teams. We wish them all the luck for a safe and successful campaign.

Grimpday 2019, takes place from 06-08 June and we will be following the action with photo and video updates throughout, so check back soon!

June 6th 2019

Busy first day for our team at Grimp 2019 with a gear check in the morning, followed by a skills test in the afternoon. The main competition begins tomorrow!

June 7th 2019

It's competition day at Grimp 2019, all the teams have gathered for a hearty breakfast and they're going to need it with a day chock-full of challenges...


Team has arrived at their first Challenge location, La Citadelle de Dinant.


Quick breather after an EPIC Over-edge Stretcher Rescue, recovering a Casualty (Emma) from the bottom of the Citadelle, video below...

No time to admire the view from the Citadelle walls, another over-edge rescue...

Change of location for the afternoon challenges, this one will certainly test the teams strength and stamina. Road closure in place to help our team with a 70m climb, followed by a haul to recover casualty on stretcher with attendant. Total lift weight...A LOT!


June 8th 2019

Second day of Grimp and today brings a variety of scenarios and locations, it's going to be a busy one..

This one's not for the faint hearted...Sebastjan with Medic in attendance during casualty recovery.

Balcony rescue from roof top, Namur Fire & Rescue Service in support with ladder truck to assist with access.

And that's it!...A long, challenging weekend for the team, but worth every bit of blood, sweat and tears! We wait in anticipation to hear the results at tonight's closing ceremony...


All 30 teams are gathered to celebrate what has been another fantastic Grimp. The results from the competition will be announced shortly. 


It's a joint 7th finish along with our Team America friends, Elevated Safety, great job guys!



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ISC Supports Rowing Challenge

June 7th 2019

May 28th 2019

Pete has made incredible progress on his garage-built, North Atlantic rowing boat, learning and accomplishing new skills in carpentry and fiberglass moulding. As you can see in the video, the main hull section is complete and needed to be rolled so the internal fit-out could resume. 


We will continue to update this blog to follow and support Pete in this incredible challenge. If you're not familiar with Pete's story, read on...

December 11th 2018

A Journey of Endurance and Hope

Pete Rhodes, a Rope Access Manager and father from Alford, Scotland is the man behind the Row North Atlantic Challenge. His aim is to raise money in support of the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, a cause very close to his heart.

Pete's son Cedar, was less than a week old when he was rushed to Aberdeen Hospital with breathing difficulties. Over the next 24 hours the team at Aberdeen worked tirelessly to stabilise Cedar, who was placed in an induced coma. Cedar was then flown to the Intensive Care Unit at Glasgow Hospital to undergo life-saving heart surgery.

In recognition of the medical team who saved Cedar’s life, Pete plans to row the entire stretch of the North Atlantic Sea, some 2000 miles departing from St.John’s, Newfoundland, finishing in Oban, Scotland. The challenge is likely to take Pete around 50 days to complete, during which he is expected to endure some of the harshest sea conditions on earth. Icebergs, storms, wind and waves are forecast, but Pete is determined to make the trip. 


We can't think of a better way to acknowledge the heroic efforts of our NHS and ISC is proud to make a financial contribution to the Row North Atlantic fund. If you would like support Pete too, then click the link below to find out how you can donate.

Make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective.

The whole Team at ISC wish Pete the best of luck and we look forward to updating you on his progress as he prepares all the necessary equipment for the challenge ahead.

Good Luck Pete!


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