NEW ZipSpeed Noise Reduction Trolleys

March 9th 2021

The ZipSpeed-L (RP076) is now available with Noise-reduction Wheels!

The ZipSpeed-L Noise Reduction Trolley is fitted with special Nylon Wheels, to reduce sound output by  up to 7dB.  Zip builders/operators are under increasing pressure to take a pro-active approach to reducing the noise generated from zip lines.  The ability to minimise noise in consideration of the effect on local residents and wildlife, plays a pivotal role for operators who are seeking local authority planning permission, for installation of zip lines at their sites.

Our new range of ZipSpeed Noise Reduction Trolleys are fitted with Nylon Wheels.  Wheels made from Nylon are commonly used in factory environments, due to their optimal balance of high reliability and durability, together with their ability to reduce machinery noise to an acceptable level.

Our Nylon wheels have shown a noise reduction of up to 7dB, when tested on a range of cable types.  Noise Reduction Wheels are available on our 13mm and 16mm (1/2” and 5/8”) ZipSpeed models. ZipSpeed Noise Reduction Trolleys are suitable for use on industry-standard Zipline cables, however for maximum performance and durability, we recommend the use of smooth-surfaced ‘Interlocked’ cable.

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