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We offer a wide range of products for Rope Access and Rescue professionals. We are the engineering and manufacturing expertise behind the RED Back-up Device and the D4 Work/Rescue Descender. In addition to specialist ascent/descent devices, we offer a comprehensive range of Portable Anchor Devices, Work Positioning Lanyards, Rescue Kits and a full range of Karabiners and Pulleys.

The D4 Work/Rescue Descender has a rated load of 240kg (551lb), which is achieved without the need for extra friction rigging. The D4 has an innovative progressive cam, which offers precise control at slow or fast speeds. The D4 is double-stop device with an auto-lock function, which is activated whenever the user lets go of the handle. The panic brake will only lock out when in free fall, meaning that the panic brake is not overly sensitive in normal use. The D4 Descender is complimented by the REDtm Back-up Device, which is also rated at 240kg (551lb). The REDtm can be supplied with a ‘Popper’ breakaway (reusable) tow cord, with a choice of two towing positions, (allowing for preference and rope/weather conditions), for optimal towing. In the event of a panic, the Popper clip is released, which helps to prevent the user from towing the device down with them as they fall, allowing the device to engage correctly to arrest the fall.

We offer an extensive range of ISC Portable Anchor Devices, for use in Rope Access, Work Positioning, Rigging and Fall Arrest Applications. The range includes anchors for use in Concrete Substrate, Girders and other metal structures (suitable drilled hole required).

We also manufacture Deadweight Anchors, including a Deadweight Trolley and A-Frame. These anchors are ideal for Rope Access applications where there are no fixed anchors available- and where it is not possible to install fixed anchors. The deadweight anchors are independent devices, which require no alteration to the building structure, (the anchors do not need to be attached to the building and stability rigging is not required). The deadweight anchors are ideal for use by companies who need to install and use anchors at a number of sites and wish to have control over anchorage, without the need to certify fixed anchors at each individual location. Each Deadweight Anchor breaks down in to components parts of 25kg (55lb) or less, in order to comply with manual handling regulations and to allow for easy transport and storage. ISC Deadweight Anchors are CE Approved to EN795 B in their entirety, (whereas many other deadweight anchors have CE Approval of their eyebolts ONLY).

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