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ISC Challenge Course, Adventure Park and Zip line products are designed to offer a safe and enjoyable experience to users, whilst offering optimal convenience and throughput for course operators. In most cases, ISC products can be retro-fitted to existing courses, with little or no need for alterations to lines. All products are designed for optimum performance and durability. Working with top industry experts, our Engineers have developed a range of zip trolleys which offer optimum performance and lifespan.

The ISC ZipSpeedtm Trolley range caters for all kinds of zip lines from lightweight Clip’n’Ziptm trolleys for Zip Parks, right through to high-speed performance trolleys for super-fast lines! Our ZipSpeed Trolley range is complimented by a wide range of accessory options including Parachute and Superman style harnesses and the new Anti-Rollback Cam (ARC), designed to optimise throughput by preventing users from rolling backwards on the line.

The SmartSnaptm Continuous Attachment device allows users to traverse the individual elements of a Ropes Course/Via Ferrata, without becoming detached from the safety line. The SmartSnap is simple to use and doesn’t require in-depth user training.

The ALFtm Climb Assist Pulley provides users with fall protection on a vertical climb/descent. Once clipped in to the system, the user can climb/descend. In the event of the user losing their grip on the structure, the ALFtm quickly engages to arrest the fall. Fall distances are minimal and in most cases, the user will be able to regain their grip on the structure and resume their climb, without the need for assistance or instruction. In the unlikely event that a rescue is necessary, it can usually be performed quickly and conveniently by a member of staff from ground level, ensuring a safe and timely procedure for optimal user experience and course efficiency.

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