R-ALF & LH-ALF Locking Pulleys

The R-ALF is an auto-locking Pulley which locks in both directions. Fitted with a load becket, the R-ALF can be combined with two single or double Pulleys to form a 3:1 or 5:1 Mechanical Advantage Hauling System. The R-ALF is fitted with an over-speed brake, which will automatically engage to arrest and hold a load, in the event of the user letting go of the control rope.

The LH-ALF is a one-way locking Pulley, designed for use in material handling applications only. The one-way brake will engage to arrest and hold the load should the user let go of the control rope, but there is no restriction to hauling speed. The LH-ALF is fitted with a load becket and should be used with a single pulley, in order to achieve a 2:1 Mechanical Advantage.

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