Squirrel Rope Wrench Kits- now approved to PPE Regulations!

May 9th 2021

We are pleased to announce that the new Squirrel Aluminium Tether is now CE Certified for use with the Rope Wrench PPE Regulation Kits!  This means that the Squirrel Tether can now be supplied and used in Europe.

The Squirrel Tether is available as part of a full KT282x PPE Regulation Kit, or can be purchased separately, as a spare part for use as part of the the KT282x kit.

The Squirrel Tether is the ONLY metal tether for the ISC Rope Wrench, designed and manufactured exclusively by ISC in Wales, United Kingdom!  The Squirrel Tether is designed for low-friction ascents and optimal engagement of the Rope Wrench, as required during descent and lateral movements within the canopy.

The new Squirrel Tether is manufactured from Aluminium, which ensures that twist and flex in the Rope Wrench system, is minimal.  This means that the Rope Wrench remains in the optimal low friction position during ascent, (allowing the climber to achieve maximum climb efficiency), and ensures that the Wrench engages efficiently, as required during lateral movements and descent.

The Squirrel PPE Regs kits contain a Rope Wrench, Squirrel Aluminium Tether (with built-in Squirrel Pulley), Aluminium HMS Karabiner (with Supersafe Triple-lock gate),Hitch Cord (Teufelberger OP 85cm e2e Hitch Cord (ø10mm) and a choice of Teufelberger drenaLINE or Xstatic Rope.  Ropes are available in a range of lengths, with sewn a termination.  drenaLINE rope is also available with 'Slaice' Spliced termination.

Kits are certified to CE PPE Regulations when used in their entirety, with the hitch cord in a 5-wrap Distel configuration (see user manual).  

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