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March 25th 2021

The ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley is the result of almost a decade of continuous evolution, working closely with the operators of the fastest zip-line in the world, during their journey of rapid growth and site development.
The ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley has been designed to address the issue of sound emissions, in response to increasing pressure for zip operators to take a pro-active approach to reducing the noise generated from zip lines.  The ability to minimise noise in consideration of the effect on local residents and wildlife, plays a pivotal role for operators who are seeking local authority planning permission, for installation of zip lines at their sites.  We relished the challenge and set about the task of developing our Trolley to dramatically reduce sound output, whilst maintaining the key performance features.

The ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley is capable of performing at speeds of over 160kph (100mph), with the durability to satisfy the demands of a high through-put visitor attractions.  The ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley has side plates which are specially designed to optimise the vibration frequency which forms as a result of the trolley travelling along the zipwire. Optimising the vibration frequency in this way results in a significant reduction in noise output. The ZipSpeed XTREME is also fitted with Stainless Steel wheels, which support special noise-dampening Polyurethane tyres.  These special tyres are designed to contribute to sound reduction, by further reducing the amount of vibration frequency that passes from the cable, through to the side plates of the trolley.

The ZipSpeed XTREME is suitable for use on industry-standard Zipline cables, however for maximum performance, durability and lowest possible noise output, we strongly recommend the use of smooth-surfaced ‘Interlocked’ cable.

Noise Reduction ARC (NRARC)

The ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley is available with a special Noise Reduction ARC Cam system (NRARC).  During normal use, the ARC cam trails allowing the trolley to roll forwards, unhindered. However, as soon as the trolley begins to roll backwards, the cam is engaged, bringing the trolley to an immediate halt. This anti-rollback function captures the progress of the trolley, which means that even when the trolley doesn’t reach the end of the zip line, it cannot roll backward and hence rescue distance (and therefore, rescue time) is significantly reduced.  Standard ARC cams generate sound as they intermittently come in to contact with the cable, as the Trolley travels.  The special NRARC cam on the ZipSpeed XTREME Trolley works together with an ‘air paddle’.  The air paddle fully disengages the NRARC cam and prevents it from touching the zip wire, while the trolley is travelling forwards.  This means that the NRARC cam does not generate sound, during the zip ride.

As the trolley reaches the end of the run and slows down, the air resistance on the air paddle decreases and the air paddle springs back to its normal/upright position.  This allows the NRARC cam to engage on the cable, ready to prevent the trolley from rolling backwards.  When not in use and/or during transportation the air paddle can be pushed forward and flat (within the side plates), for protection from damage.

Brake System Compatibility

The ZipSpeed XTREME is equipped with twin steel-reinforced impact bumpers, mounted onto high grade Aluminium frames, allowing impact speeds into the braking system up to 80kph (50mph). The ZipSpeed XTREME is also compatible with Impact Trolley braking systems.

The ZipSpeed XTREME has a Fender attachment, which pushes the brake system restraint line off to one side of the trolley. This allows optimal engagement with the end of line braking system and protects the Noise Reduction ARC cam components from becoming damaged, by the end of line braking system.

The frames of the ZipSpeed XTREME are designed to allow the option of using a ‘grab rope’ system.   As the trolley approaches the end of the run, it travels under the grab rope which then engages with the specially shaped recess in the rear of the frames.  This action ensures that the zip trolley does not roll back down the line away from the finish platform.

ZipSpeed 'Superman-style' XTREME Harness

The ZipSpeed XTREME 'Superman-style' harness offers riders a high adrenaline flight experience, with an aerial perspective of the scenery beneath!  The ZipSpeed XTREME Harness is available in four sizes, suitable for children and adults.

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