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Skydriver takes on TITAN with ISC ZipSpeed Trolley

August 3rd 2018

We've been working to provide ZipWorld with Zip Trolleys for many years now and we've come to associate ZipWorld for their 'out of the box' thinking, when it comes to adventure and entertainment in North Wales.

Their latest stunt saw ZipWorld TITAN and host site LLechwedd Slate Caverns, teamed up with Day Insure Wales Rally GB Team, to create #Skydrive.  This world-first stunt involved rally driver Matt Edwards driving his rally car down the ZipWorld Alpha track.  Pretty awesome, yet far!

What came next was far from standard, to say the least!  Phase two of Matt's journey around the ZipWorld TITAN site involved sending Matt down the Zipline...whilst still in his car!  That's right...a car flying down a zipline!

Aided by a crane, the car was lifted in to position and attached to two of the four, parallel ziplines at the ZipWorld TITAN site and secured to four ISC ZipSpeed-L (RP076) Trolleys. 

You can see the awesome video footage of the actual stunt, in the main video below.  You can also click here for behind the scenes shots, showing how the ZipWorld, Llechwedd and DayInsure Rally GB team made #Skydrive happen!

Once again, we're left thinking, 'whatever next ZipWorld?'!

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  • SkyDrive at TITAN Set up day
  • SkyDrive at TITAN
  • SkyDrive at TITAN Set up

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Denny attends Bangor University Design Conference

August 1st 2018

We are very proud of our Chairman Denny Moorhouse, who recently attended the Product Design Conference, hosted by the University of Wales, Bangor.

The conference is held annually, the purpose of which is to inspire and educate the next generation of Product Designers and Engineers. With an emphasis on creativity & innovation within ‘real’ situations, the conference showcases individuals from Industry that represent and share these values.

Denny was invited as a guest speaker, to share in his enthusiasm and passion for product design and experience in engineering. Bangor University Design students were in attendance, as well as Design teachers and A Level students from various local schools.

Following the conference, Bangor University awarded Denny with the accolade of 'Most Inspirational Speaker', following feedback from those in attendance, agreeing Denny’s contribution best captured the spirit and philosophy of the conference.

Well done Denny!

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