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UKRO 2018

October 1st 2018

ISC has just returned from the United Kingdom Rescue Organization (UKRO) Challenge hosted by South Wales Fire & Rescue Service at the Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay. UKRO Challenge is the premier event for technical rescue within the UK and welcomes service men & women from across the Rescue Services.
Teams compete to demonstrate their skills and abilities in their respective disciplines, including:

- Vehicle Extrication
- Trauma Care
- Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
- Rope Rescue
- Water Rescue

Our very own Adam Davies – ISC Product Specialist, was invited as an assessor for the Rope Rescue element of the competition and consulted on the design of the different challenge scenarios. Due to the complex nature of the location, each scenario required careful planning and incorporated a Skills Test and Team Challenge. 

For the Skills Test, the mighty Arachnipod was deployed, to create a cable-way across the Roald Dahl Plass; its modular design allowing for both a Quad & Tri-pod configuration to clear railings on both sides. Using two Arachnipods in this way allowed for better management of the higher, resultant forces generated by a cable-way. Teams were then assessed on their ability to rig an English Reeve, followed by a stretcher rescue to a casualty injured below.

For the Team Challenge, the Atradius building provided access to a rooftop from which a rescue system needed be rigged.  A medic was lowered down the side of the building to rescue a casualty with multiple injuries. The casualty would need to be safely packaged and raised back up to the rooftop. To add an additional level of difficulty, team members were not allowed to touch any of the glass installation to the side of the building. The second part of the Team Challenge, saw competitors negotiate a casualty in a stretcher, vertically through a purpose-built, drill tower supplied by our friends at Crofton Engineering.

Fire & Rescue Services from South Wales, London, Leicester, Essex, Dorset & Wiltshire, West Midlands and Humberside, battled hard in what turned out to be a very close fought Rope Rescue Event. In the end, it was a home victory for South Wales FRS, who finished top, closely followed by West Midlands FRS in 2nd and Humberside FRS in 3rd.

A massive congratulations to all those who competed, but in particular to South Wales FRS on their fantastic performance.  Extra thanks to them for organizing this year’s event and making it so memorable, not just for the competitors, but for the public who were really able to engage with the action. The level of organization they showed and the way it was executed, made it one of the best UKRO Challenges to date.

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, it’s over to you!


Blog gallery:

  • Crofton Drill Tower
  • Drill Tower Rescue
  • Arachnipod
  • Arachnipod
  • Cardiff Bay, home of UKRO 2018
  • Atradius Building
  • Atradius Building
  • UKRO Ceremony
  • SWFRS Winners
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