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Update to Black Tactical Pulleys

July 24th 2014

Product update:

All Prussik Pulleys in the Black Tactical range will now be produced with an axle end-cap (rather than a painted finish to the rivet, which can chip/scuff over time). The low-shine, heavy duty plastic end cap provides a more durable covering for the rivet head, maintaining the camouflage of the Pulley.

All Black Tactical pulleys have a low-shine Anodised finish and outline-only markings, which are both legible and discreet.

Click here to view the full range of Prussik Pulleys.

Blog gallery:

  • Black Prussik with end cap
  • Black Prussik with end cap PROFILE

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Rope Wrench accepted by ISA

July 21st 2014

Over the past four years, the ISC Singing Tree Rope Wrench (STRW) has become a well established, popular tool within the Production Climbing industry.  Use of the STRW in competitions has been limited, as the STRW had not been widely recognised by competition organisations/committees...until now!

How was the System Tested?

The STRW was tested in accordance with the relevant clauses of BS EN 12841:2006 Personal Fall Protection Equipment-Rope Access Systems-Rope Adjustment Devices. Static Strength and Dynamic Strength testing was carried out, in accordance with the pertinent articles of the standard.  To view full details of the criteria and test results, click the link below to download the full presentation.

The STRW cannot be certified to the BE EN 12481:2006 standard.  VG11, (the committee made up of representatives from various notified bodies), has confirmed that it is not possible for the STRW to be certified to BS EN 12841;2006, as the standard does not permit 'techniques', (the tying of a hitch is classed as a 'technique').  There is no standard which is entirely suited to the STRW system, (although BS EN 12841:2006 is the most relevant standard in existence).  

Practical Testing

Standards compliance testing is an important measure, but we believe that there is no substitute for practical testing of the system in real life scenarios.  Working with a team of highly experienced climbers and industry members, we devised a range of tests, aimed at reflecting real life conditions in the tree.

Load cells were installed at the base anchor, at the top anchor and at the re-direct and their readings were monitored throughout the range of practical scenario tests.  Click on the image below to watch the testing video below.

View live workshops at the APF (Warwickshire, UK- 18-20 Sept) and at the ETCC (Milwaukee, 30-31 August).

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ISC RED Back up Device now available in Stainless Steel

July 14th 2014

ISC RED Back up Device now available with Stainless Steel side plates for improved resistance in harsh environments.

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