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Rope Wrench SQUIRREL PPE Regulations Kit_drenaLINE

The ISC Rope Wrench has become a well established, popular tool within the production climbing industry and in tree cimbing competitions.

The Rope Wrench provides an 'S' bend in the rope above the hitch cord.  This effectively provides a contained double rope system, on a single rope.  The Rope Wrench shares the user's weight between the Wrench and the hitch.  This allows the operation of the hitch, without the need for a double-rope system. The Rope Wrench allows easy horizontally movement, with greatly reduced friction on re-directs (compared with DdRT).

The Rope Wrench system has been third-party tested and certified by a Notified Body, to PPE ‘Regulation 2016/425', allowing users to climb in compliance with the latest European best practice regulations.   


The PPE Regulations Certification applies to kits, when used in their entirety, in accordance with the User Instruction Manual.

Kit Contents:
[1] Rope Wrench
[1] Squirrel (Aluminium) Tether, with built-in Squirrel Pulley (Bearing)
[1] Aluminium HMS Karabiner (Supersafe Triple-lock Gate)

[1] Teufelberger OP 85cm e2e Hitch (10mm)
PLEASE NOTE:  For compliance labeling reasons, Hitch Cords must be sourced from ISC (via your ISC Retailer).   Hitch cords which are purchased through the Teufelberger supply network do not bear the required labeling, for compliance with the Rope Wrench PPE Regulation Approved kits.

[Length of] Teufelberger drenaLINE, 11.8mm
Choice of sewn or 'Slaice' spliced termination. Range of lengths available.

Spare Parts

Hardware, rope assemblies and cordage components are also available to purchase separately, in order to allow the supply of spare/replacement parts.



Technical Information

Rope diameter range (mm)11.8
Serial numberingAs standard
EZYiDAvailable on request
Gate/lock typeSupersafe
Body finishAnodised

Approved Standards

CE PPE Regulation 2016/425.

In order to be compliant, the prescribed kit MUST be used in its entirety and with the hitch cord tied in a 5-wrap Distel configuration.



Gate Type: Supersafe
Serial Numbering: As standard
EZYiD: Available on request


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