ZipSpeed Trolley at Far & Wide Sky Line Zip, Zimbabwe

January 3rd 2018

Far & Wide Zimbabwe – Sky Line Zip at Mutarazi Falls Adventures

Far and Wide Zimbabwe chose the RP076 ZipSpeed-L Trolley for their new 'Sky Line' Zip. Established in 1991 by Bernie and Julie Cragg, Far & Wide provide professional outdoor education centre in Zimbabwe. Their beautiful location hosts a range of outdoor activities across land, water and now, air! 

The Sky Line traverses one of the most picturesque locations in the world; the Mutarazi Falls.  At 763 meters, it is one of the highest waterfalls in Africa and promises adventure goers a truly unique experience. 

Far & Wide have chosen to have their ZipSpeed Trolleys fitted with ARCs (Anti-Rollback Cam). The ARC is a small device, fitted to the back of the Trolley. As soon as the Trolley starts to roll backwards, the ARC engages, bringing the Trolley to a halt.  This means that if a rider doesn't quite reach the end platform, they won't then roll backwards, in to the middle of the zipline.  This function can reduce rescue time or even prevent the need for rescue.  This allows the Sky Line to run at maximum throughput efficiency!

“When we started looking for equipment to help us run the world's highest commercial Zipline we literally searched far and wide, spoke to various other Zipline operators, tested out different products and read up extensively. As far as our trolleys were concerned we decided on ISC as our preferred supplier and have been extremely pleased with our decision”.  [Bernie- owner at Far & Wide]

ISC Product Specialist , Adam was lucky enough to experience the Sky Line (not to mention the wonderful scenery and wildlife first hand, on a recent trip to South Africa.


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