The new treetop lowering device for Arborists

May 17th 2019

The Rigging Rope Wrench takes Kevin Bingham’s original Rope Wrench concept for adding mid-line friction and turns it on its head. This allows the climber to control the load, from the tree-top.

The Rigging Rope Wrench applies friction to a lowering line whilst anchored at the top of the tree. This means that not only is the device controllable from the ground, but the line can also be passed to the climber in the treetop, should they need to take control.

Giving control to the climber is useful when working in smaller crews, or when the grounds-person is struggling to control the lowered section and the end of the line at the same time.  With the Rigging Rope Wrench the climber can control the rope, leaving the grounds-person’s hands free to control the lowered section. 

From their position in the treetop, the climber can also use the device to suspend the weight of the section, allowing the grounds person to easily guide the section clear of the working area, without the need to lift or drag the full weight of the section.  In the event of needing to lift a section up over an obstacle, or apply upwards tension, the Wrench will disengage, removing the applied to allow a smooth haul up.

The Rigging Rope Wrench has been optimised for 13mm (1/2”) rope, making it the ultimate lightweight rigging kit, when teamed with hollow-braid slings.

For added versatility, the Rigging Rope Wrench can be placed in the traditional position at the base of the tree.  In this position, additional pulleys can be rigged, in order to increase mechanical advantage, for ease of lifting heavy loads.


RP290 Bushed

Suitable for light loads (of up to 70kg/154lbs)

RP292 One-way Locking Bearing

For loads ranging from 20 to 120kg (44-264lbs)

The RP292 is fitted with a one-way locking wheel, which provides additional friction when lowering, allowing increased control of heavy loads, during lowering. During lifting, the wheel runs freely.

Our products travel all over the world, from our factory in North Wales (UK).  We want products to reach users in perfect condition and we’re also making a conscious effort to move towards environmentally friendly packaging for our products.  We’re keen to move towards packaging which is reusable and/or made from recycled materials, which can also be widely recycled. 

The Rigging Rope Wrenches are supplied individually, packed in reusable EVA zip-cases.  The case can be used to store the Rigging Rope Wrench, or the insert piece can be removed and the case re-purposed for storing other items.

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