RP227 ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender

February 7th 2017

The ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender has been designed following extensive feedback from industry users.  During the development of STRYDER, durability and functionality were at the top of the priority list. STRYDER utilises tried & tested geometry, to provide a smooth upward movement and positive engagement on the rope. 

STRYDER is fully adjustable on both the horizontal and vertical straps, allowing the user to position the device on the boot, according to preference.  The straps and protective under-foot sleeve are made from a specifically developed webbing, which has passed extensive abrasion testing.

The combination of the creep-free webbing and the mounting slot design, means that the device should remain firmly in position throughout use.  The main strap is tightened by pulling firmly on the strap and is released by pulling upwards on the toggle, in a one-handed action.

STRYDER utilises the same unique Stainless Steel cam used in our Hand Ascender.  The coned cam-face allows positive engagement on the rope for a firm and reliable grip, with minimal wear to the sheath.  

Great engineering attention was placed on the spring, which has been meticulously trialled to ensure that it offered sufficient tension (so as not to easily ‘pop-off’), but still allow the device to move freely upwards without towing the trailing rope.

The foot-lever can be used to open/close the cam, with the other foot.  The foot-lever can also be hooked over the body of the device, to hold the cam in the open (disengaged) position.  Should the user prefer, the foot-lever bar can be removed, by unscrewing an Allen screw.  Removing the foot-bar allows greater pivot range of the cam.  This in turn allows the user to deliberately remove the rope from the device, by using a kick technique with only the leg that the device is mounted on.


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