Global Fire Partnership, Bosnian Fire Project

September 5th 2016

The Global Fire & Rescue Partnership was set up in June 2016 with the sole aim of 'bridging the gap' between nations, in regards to training and equipment. Chris Kendall, Co-Director, set this project up on his return from Bosnia, having seen the inconsistencies of training and equipment across different areas.

The Global Fire & Rescue Partnership is currently a 'not for profit' organisation but is going through the application process for charity status within Scotland.  The organisation is predominantly based in Scotland, but has members from all across the UK. The partnership is solely volunteer run; mostly by serving professional fire service instructors.

The Global Fire & Rescue Partnership aims to achieve their goal of bridging the gap by approaching organisations and quality equipment manufacturing companies and asking for either new or surplus equipment.  They then provide this to those most in need, on behalf of the donor.  

Their main, current project is a unique concept for Bosnia. This is to create, train and equip a dedicated team of volunteer firefighters to the same level of a UK 'Technical Rescue' team. This team will have specialised firefighters trained in Rope Rescue, Water Rescue and Powerboat operations. This is a very in depth project requiring many hours of telephone conversations, emails, instant messages etc. "The Bosnians are very old fashioned in how they look at the fire service there. They cannot look outside of their own town. If one town has two brand new shiny fire engines and only need one, and the next town over has nothing; the first town won't give them a fire engine. What's theirs is theirs, regardless!" said Chris.  "I'm trying to work with various individuals to bring this town/region/municipality in line with that of the UK Fire Service framework and in the hope this will spread".  

Chris has provided the relevant Mayor within Bosnia a 3 year plan of his intentions, which will see a two week training camp taking place each year.  The plans also include a development program for one of their firefighters Kenan Mulalić,  to develop up to instructor level by the end of 2018.  This training will take place at Outreach Rescue (Technical Rescue and Industrial Safety Training organisation), in North Wales, (dependent on Visa applications).

We are delighted to provide a range of ISC Kit, in support of the efforts of Chris's team at Global Fire & Rescue Partnership.  Adam (Product Technician/Demonstrator) and Iain (UK Sales Manager) enjoyed a day out with Chris Kendall and Neil Pickersgill (Manchester FRS), for a product demonstration session, held at a quarry near Manchester. As a result of the trials, we are donating D4 Work/Rescue Descenders, RAD (Rope Adjustment Device)s, RED Back up Devices, Hand Ascenders and a range of Karabiners.  This kit will give the Bosnian team several full cliff rescue kits, suitable for 2 person rescues, complete with back-up.  In October the Bosnian Technicians will come over to the Outreach Training Centre in North Wales, for a series of training courses to bring them up to speed on the UK methods of rescue.  We're also looking forward to welcoming the Bosnian Technicians to the ISC Factory tosee the manufacturing processes of their new ISC equipment!


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