Dot Matrix Serial Markings

July 1st 2015

As of July 2015*, we're pleased to introduce Dot Matirx serial number markings as standard on all our Steel and Stainless Steel Karabiners and Snaphooks. This marking method provides permanent, highly wear-resistant markings, for traceability throughout the lifespan of the product.

ISC Serial Markings are made up of the year of manufacture (Y), the batch identification number (B) and a serial number (X) which is unique the to individual product: YY/BBBBB/XXX This system provides more information, making it beneficial to product management systems (compared with using the batch number only).

The Dot Matrix marking method has been introduced in response to market feedback, to offer a marking method which offers better visibility/legibility of marking, greater longevity of markings and greater resistance to corrosion, (compared with the Laser marking method, used on Steel and Stainless Steel products). click the PDF link below to see the results of the Salt-spray Testing

Dot Matrix Marking (also known as, Micropercussion Indent Marking), utilises a pneumatically driven carbide tipped stylus, which electromagnetically indents the marking surface of the Karabiner with a succession of closely spaced dots, to form continuous lines of alphanumeric characters. As the force used by the Dot Matrix device is controlled by air pressure, it can produce a permanent marking solution, without stress concentrations or compromise to the strength rating of the Karabiner.


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