KT282 Rope Wrench SRT Kit - EN353-2 Compliant

April 24th 2018

KT282 Rope Wrench SRT Kit - EN353-2 Compliant

We're delighted to announce the return of Rope Wrench SRT to the German market.

We recently carried out a full re-evaluation of the Rope Wrench system, following a request by a German Insurance Organisation and the German Market Surveillance Organisation. That re-evaluation has allowed us to improve our overall offering including our test data and user instruction manuals.


In Germany these organisations manage and control insurance issues for Working Arborists. They offered us critical feedback on our Rope Wrench system, which we took very seriously. After a number of positive discussions and meetings we have implemented their recommendations which were primarily:
1. To provide further test data for the entire system, according to relevant European Standards, in order to prove that it is ‘fit for purpose:
We have had several combinations of components independently tested at CE Test Laboratory, SATRA.  Tests were carried out according to EN353-2 ‘Personal protective equipment against falls from a height. Guided type fall arresters including a flexible anchor line'. 

These two combinations passed all of the tests:

1.  ISC Standard Kit

2.  STEIN Kit

2. To further develop our user instruction manuals:
We have updated our user manual to include the relevant test data and combined several manuals into one document, which is available in a printed format and as a download in various languages. 


 The above kits are now fully CE Compliant.  The ISC Standard kit is the first to launch, with advance orders now being accepted, for delivery in June.

Photos show ISC Standard Kit: Yale Kernmaster 11mm rope, Yale Bee-Line Blue 10mm Hitch Cord (tied in 4VT+2), KT280 Rope Wrench with Twin-leg Tether, RP282 Phlotich Pulley, KH204SS Karabiner (Supersafe triple-action gate).

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