Rope Wrench Inspection Notice

October 18th 2016

If you own an ISC Rope Wrench, please read this notice carefully.

Reason for issuing this inspection notice

It has been brought to our attention that a number of units are exhibiting a fault which makes it difficult to remove the screw which holds the tether in place. This is not a safety critical fault, but we appreciate the inconvenience it can cause.  ISC want to ensure that our customer experience, when using our products, is reliable.

Reported problem

A number of users have managed to ‘round’ the head of the Allen screw making it impossible to remove.


During our investigation we have found that this appears to be limited to forged frame Rope Wrenches. The affected batches are between 16/71522/xx – 16/77313/xx. In order to ascertain if your Rope Wrench is affected, you need to do a very quick check:

 Using a 4mm Allen key remove the Allen screw.
If the screw cannot be removed from the device easily then your device will need to be returned to ISC (via your distributor) – we will supply you with a replacement item, free of charge.


From our investigation we have determined that the holes on some forged frames do not align correctly. This is due to the cranking operation, combined with the variation in thickness of the forged frames.

All current Rope Wrenches manufactured from 5th August 2016 (16/77314/xx) are machined and not forged, therefore should not be affected.

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