Product Update: Pip Pin Ropegrabs

November 1st 2017

The RP205.2 (Large) and RP209.2 (Small) Ropegrabs are fitted with a pip-pin axle, making it quick and easy to attach/detach mid-line.  A thumb operated push-button is used to disengage the Pip-pin mechanism and the axle has a chamfered end, to allow for easy location of the pin.

The latest '.2' models have a textile Pip-pin retention cord, (rather than a wire cord).  The textile cord allows for easy manoeuvring of the pin and does not snag, or wear with sharp edges.  All Pip-pin Ropegrabs manufactured from November 2017 onwards will be fitted with this new upgraded cord.

Blog gallery:

  • RP205.2 Large Pip-pin Ropegrab
  • RP209.2 Small Pip-pin Ropegrab

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