ISC Introduces New Serial Numbering

June 21st 2018

We are implementing a change to our product serial numbering. This change is purely to the format and will not affect the information conveyed by the serial number or its traceability.

There will be a transitional period, where both the old and new type serial numbers, will be in circulation both of which will remain fully traceable. The serial number marked on devices may appear differently, from the format shown in the user instruction manual (UIM).

We endeavour to have completed the transition to the new serial number by the end of 2018.

Details of the changes are outlined by the two examples below:

OLD TYPE Serial Number


YY= Year

BBBBB= Batch number

XXXX= Individual serial number


NEW TYPE Serial Number


YY= Year

BBBBBB= Batch number

XXXX= Individual serial number

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