NEW ClimbTech BANTAM Beam Slider

May 19th 2017

We're pleased to announce that the NEW Climbtech BANTAM Beam Slider is now available.  The BANTAM is a removable and reusable sliding I-Beam Anchor, which is easy to place, adjust and move.  The anchor is designed to easily slide along the beam, trailing the worker. This new, improved Slider features an increased adjustable width and an improved adjustment mechanism, which is simple to use, even when wearing gloves!  The Paw inserts are made from a self-lubricating Silicone Bronze Alloy, which is designed not to bind on the beam.  The BANTAM can be used over-head and at foot level (please reference User Manual) and is fitted with a swivel eye, which rotates through 360 degrees. 

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  • CT101.2 BANTAM Beam Slider

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