February 16th 2018

 * 09 April, 2018: Please see updated 'KH260 Inspection Notice UPDATE 09/04/18' pdf*

We have received notice of a very small number of instances of KH260 karabiners where the retaining pin on the nut for the swivel assembly has become dislodged resulting in the nut backing off the stem and the swivel assembly separating from the karabiner. There are no reported injuries associated with this issue, but out of an abundance of caution we wanted to notify potential users of this issue.

Upon initial review, it is limited to a batch of KH260 Twister Karabiner. However, we feel that it is prudent for us to broaden the inspection to include all karabiners that utilize the same assembly method (KH260, KH260i, SH826, SH826i). It has been determined that with careful inspection, karabiners with the issue can be identified in the field.

Please download the 'KH260 Karabiner Inspection Notice' PDF for inspection details

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