ISC Launches Singing Tree Rope Wrench Zk-2 Model

October 9th 2012

We are delighted to announce the launch of the brand new Singing Tree Rope Wrench.  The new Zk-2 model is manufactured in the UK and distributed worldwide by ISC.

Why use the Rope Wrench?

Rich Hattier of ABR Ropeworks/Climb ABR explains how the Rope Wrench works, describes the many benefits of the device and talks to us about why he thinks the Rope Wrench is a 'Revolutionary' climbing device!  Download the interview (click PDF link below).

Benefits of the Zk-2 model Rope Wrench?

In this video, Cary Gibson of Gibson Tree Care (Ontario) compares the Zk-1 and Zk-2 models and describes the upgrades on the latest Zk-2 model.

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