GRIMP Day 2018

June 4th 2018

Grimp Day is held in Namur, Belgium every year and it has become the unofficial world championships for technical rope rescue.  Anyone can enter a team of 6 people, providing they have the necessary basic skills to complete the challenges. There are typically 4 scenarios, with each scenario designed to push competitors' skills.  Each scenario must be completed within the 1:30 time limit. 

Having previously competed at GRIMP 2017, as part of the Hong Kong Rope Union Rescue Team, Adam (ISC Product Specialist)'s next challenge was to choose team members for his own team this year.  Adam’s first step was to recruit Nick Croudace as team leader.  Nick is known for his leadership skills and experience as an IRATA Level 3 Assessor and a Rope Rescue Fireman, with Herfordshire Fire Brigade. 

Adam and Nick continued to assemble their dream team: Seb Kocijancic (IRATA L3 Trainer at Heightec London), Paul Beattie (IRATA L3 Trainer), Neil McLean (Hereford & Worcester Fire & Rescue Service), Andy McCheyne (Controller – Hampshire Fire & Rescue) and the team casualty, Emma Allen from Fletcher Stewart (ISC UK Distributor).  With that, ISC team Intervention Rescue was born!

Unfortunately, due the combination of team members’ schedules, it wasn’t possible to arrange any training sessions prior to the event, so the team relied solely their combined skills, and experience!

So they packed up the ISC van and headed to Namur.

The first full day favoured individual skills to complete the rescues and the team were able to complete these challenges fairly quickly with no penalty points given.   The average time for their rescues was 50 minutes, with only one scenario taking 1:20 to drag 3 people up a 50m bank and pack everything away.

We’re delighted to say that team Intervention Rescue placed 7th from a total of 36 teams!  The closing ceremony party took place in the fire station and the ISC Rope Intervention team members stayed out until gone 3am to celebrate their success! There were seven very tired faces, when the team to leave at 7:30 to catch the train home!!

“The team worked really well together and we’re all really keen to try other competitions- including our return to Grimp next year. We’re incredibly proud of our result, as we know that we were competing against some vastly experienced, competent and well-respected teams!”, said Adam.

Adam returned to a hero’s welcome at the ISC Factory…and hasn’t yet had to make his own cup of tea!

Blog gallery:

  • GRIMP Day 2018- ISC Rope Intervention Team!
  • GRIMP Day 2018- ISC Rope Intervention Team!
  • GRIMP Day 2018- ISC Rope Intervention Team!
  • GRIMP Day 2018- ISC Rope Intervention Team!
  • GRIMP Day 2018- ISC Rope Intervention Team!

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