Extended ALF Hauler Range!

August 8th 2013

Extended ALF Hauler Range!

The Rescue ALF (R-ALF) auto locking pulley, incorporates an integral over-speed brake and can be used for pick-off rescues and load hauling, safe in the knowledge that should the user ever let go of the control rope, the over-speed brake will lock and arrest the fall.

The NEW Load-Hauling ALF (LH-ALF) is fitted with brake pawls on one side only, so hauling speed is unrestricted. The LH-ALF is ideal for use in applications where there is a need to quickly haul a load (such as when unloading equipment from a vessel on to an offshore wind turbine). The LH-ALF will only lock on in the event of a drop/excessive lowering speed.

For further information, download the news feature PDF at the bottom of this page.

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