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ISC ZipWorld VELOCITY 2 Trolleys launch!

March 22nd 2018

Zip World has opened the doors to its new VELOCITY 2 ride!  Satisfying the public’s growing appetite for adrenaline-fuelled experiences, Zip World aims to put even bigger smiles on more faces, with four new low-noise lines,  with riders reaching speeds of up to 125mph!

To achieve this, ISC has worked closely with Zip World to design and manufacture a trolley that is capable of performing at such incredible speeds, whilst suspended 500ft in the air. The trolley has to be capable of repeating this feat over and over, as demand is expected to be high.

From the outset Zip World wanted to tackle the issue of sound emissions, taking a pro-active approach to reducing the noise generated from its zip lines and considering the effect on local residents and wildlife. Noise reducing systems play a pivotal role, when looking to grow the number of zip lines at any one location, as the more lines in operation, the more sound produced. We relished the challenge and set about the task of developing  the means of making the ZipWorld Velocity 2 Trolleys run near silent, whist maintaining the key design features which make it such a successful and integral part of Zip World’s offering.

The solution was to utilise a unique Polyurethane (PU) “tyre”, which is fitted to the Stainless Steel wheels of the trolley. This additional element to the wheel, replaced the “steel on steel” principle (the main sound contributing factor) of the standard model. We also modified the trolley casing, crafting carefully shaped and positioned holes, allowing sound to dissipate, without being amplified by the side plates of the trolley.

These modifications have meant a reduction in sound emissions of 15dB, resulting in the successful application to open more Zip lines at the Zip World Velocity 2 site!

Blog gallery:

  • ZipWorld ISC Velocity 2  Prototype Trolley Testing
  • Velocity 2 Trolley in production at ISC Factory (North Wales)
  • ZipWorld ISC Velocity 2 Trolley in production at ISC Factory- North Wales
  • ZipWorld ISC Velocity 2 Trolley- special noise reduction wheels
  • ZipWorld ISC Velocity 2 Trolley in production at ISC Factory- North Wales

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D4PRO Work/Rescue Descender

March 21st 2018

Feedback gathered from highly qualified and experienced 'Pro' users highlighted a demand for a D4 Work/Rescue Descender device which does not incorporate a panic-brake function.  Enter the D4PRO!  The D4PRO Descender is the same great Work/Rescue Descender, but without the panic brake

This can be particularly useful on longer descents and in rescue/belay applications, where a broader 'sweet spot' is welcomed.

As the D4PRO does not incorporate a panic-brake, it is not possible for the device to fully meet the criteria of ANSI Standards.  The D4PRO is fully certified to EN 12841 and meets NFPA 1983 (a panic brake is not a compulsory criteria of these standards).
If you require a Descender which fully meets ANSI standards, please see

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