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ISC Rope Wrench CNC Machining

April 20th 2017

This is a great video to watch if you'd like to see how your Rope Wrench was made and/or if you find these awesome CNC machines fascinating! This is our newest HAAS CNC in action, machining Wrench side plates.

This is the one of the first runs on our new CNC machine.  Once set up and tooling is completed, this CNC will be able to machine many side plates per cycle.

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Rope Wrench- CE APPROVED Kits!

April 20th 2017

Following the well-publicised intervention by the German Trading Standards authorities we were asked by our German dealer Freeworker to urgently address the issue of the Rope Wrench not being CE marked. Over the last few weeks we have been liaising between the German Authorities and the UK Notified body for CE testing and we can now announce that the Rope Wrench kits can and will now carry a CE mark. This CE marking is done under the PPE Directive 89/686/EEC and EN12278 Pulley Standard and, for unavoidable reasons of test methodology, it applies to a combination of Tether and Wrench. This means we have created three versions as follows:

1. Rope Wrench & Single Leg Tether- CE Approved as a kit

2. Rope Wrench & NEW Twin Leg Tether- CE Approved as a kit

3. Rope Wrench only- which cannot and will not feature a CE mark/approval and so can only be sold into countries where CE marking is not mandatory (e.g. USA) and also where the customers in those countries are not therefore forced to buy the approved tether.

NOTE: the testing was carried out with an MBS of 24kN which additionally means that the combination of Tether and Rope Wrench exceeds the ANSI minimum strength test criteria of 5000lbs. Dealers and users should be aware that other tethers may not meet this strength requirement. 

For further background information, please see the 'Rope Wrench CE Approval Statement' below.

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ISC 2017 Asian Distributor Conference

April 11th 2017

We're very excited to welcome our Asian Distributors to Chiang Mai (Thailand), for three days of meetings and practical demonstrations and workshops, at some great venues! The event will take place from the 19-21 April, beginning with a conference/meeting.  

Practical sessions will include an afternoon session at Phoenix Adventure Adventure Park, showing the SmartSnap Continuous Attachment Device, Zippey Clip'n'Zip Trolley, the ZipSpeed Trolleys, together with the Parachute and Superman Style Harnesses.

The practical session for Rope Access/Rescue will take place at an awesome abandoned multistorey building.  This will be a fantastic site for putting a wide range of gear through its paces, in a range of rescue scenarios!  We will be joined by guest demonstrator Mike Walrond (Rescue Specialist, Ferno Australia), designer of the mighty Arachnipod Total Edge Management System.  Mike will be on hand to lead the group through a range of Arachnipod scenarios, showing the numerous configurations and capabilities of the system!

Day three will be spent at the beautiful Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardens (QSBG), or fomerly known as Mae Sa Botanic Garden.  This is the first botanical garden in the country to meet international standards for scientific controls, collections and education.  The main objectives of the garden are  to serve as a centre of Thai flora for botanical study and research, to render services concerning biodiversity and environmental conservation, as well as to provide an aesthetic place for the general public.  The wonderful trees and scenery make this the perfect venue for our Arborist/Tree Climbing and Rigging Demonstrations, hosted by ISC' s Rich Hattier (North American Sales Manager, Former Production Climber and Champion Tree Climber) and Adam Davies (ISC Product Specialist and Certified Arborist).

We will also be joined throughout by another guest demonstrator, Sammy Chun. Sammy's long list of credentials includes, SPRAT, IRATA, ACCT  & ISA certifications.  Sammy is Training Director of Hong Kong Rope Union and Chairman of Hong Kong Tree Climbing Championships.  Sammy has also put together a team (including ISC's Adam Davies!), who will compete in the Grimp Day this year!  We're absolutely delighted to have Sammy on board to bring his vast experience to each day of the demonstrations!


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