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ISC at the Grand Canyon Skywalk

November 8th 2017

Rich has once again teamed up with industry colleagues Abseilon USA, on a project that was sure to be a fantastic day at the office!

Earlier in the summer, Rich attended the HASC Training centre, Houston TX, where he assisted Abseilon USA in the delivery of SPRAT Level 1 courses. Rich and Abseilon USA were back together earlier this month...this time to carry out scheduled works on the epic Grand Canyon Skywalk!

The Skywalk is a horseshoe-shaped cantilever bridge with a glass walkway and is one of the highest man-made structures in the world. Standing at an elevation of over 4,700ft, it offers the experience of a lifetime with unparalleled views over the canyon and beyond. Rich was part of a team tasked with keeping those magnificent views in order by cleaning the underside of the walkway. The clear glass walkway is the star attraction for those who are brave enough to look down to the canyon floor below, but naturally, Rich was much happier to be taking in the awesome view, from an even better vantage point!

Check out some of the breath taking pictures from the day, including the ISC equipment used to make it possible.

A huge thank to the guys at Abseilon for making this possible...I don't think that Rich as stopped smiling since (much to the envy of the rest of the guys here!!).

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Product Update: Pip Pin Ropegrabs

November 1st 2017

The RP205.2 (Large) and RP209.2 (Small) Ropegrabs are fitted with a pip-pin axle, making it quick and easy to attach/detach mid-line.  A thumb operated push-button is used to disengage the Pip-pin mechanism and the axle has a chamfered end, to allow for easy location of the pin.

The latest '.2' models have a textile Pip-pin retention cord, (rather than a wire cord).  The textile cord allows for easy manoeuvring of the pin and does not snag, or wear with sharp edges.  All Pip-pin Ropegrabs manufactured from November 2017 onwards will be fitted with this new upgraded cord.

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