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NEW Anti-Rollback Cam for ZipSpeed & Zippey Trolleys!

February 5th 2015

NEW Anti-Rollback Cam for ZipSpeed & Zippey Trolleys!

The challenge  Lack of rider weight and/or environmental conditions such as head/side winds can cause the zip trolley to stop just short of the end of the zipline- and to exacerbate the problem, the zip trolley then rolls backwards, leaving the rider stranded half way along the zipline.  The operator must then perform a time consuming, long distance rescue proceedure to retrieve the stranded rider.  This can happen several times a day and can bring significant loss of throughput and earnings.

Some trolleys in the market place are fitted with one-way locking bearings, which prevent the trolley from ROLLING backwards, but feedback has shown the one-way bearings do not always prevent trolleys from SLIDING backwards, often at significant speeds!

The solution  The Patented Anti-rollback Cam is a simple device which can be retro-fitted to the ZipSpeed Trolley. During normal use, the cam remains disengaged, allowing the trolley to roll forwards, unhindered.  However, as soon as the trolley begins to roll backwards, the cam is activated, bringing the trolley to an immediate halt.  This anti-rollback function captures the progress of the trolley, which means that even when the trolley doesn't reach the end of the zipline, it cannot roll backward and hence rescue distance (and therefore, rescue time) is significantly reduced.

Can the ARC be used with braking systems?  The Anti-rollback Cam  (ARC) is great for use with braking systems!  As soon has the braking system has completed its function in slowing and subsequently stopping the forward movement of the trolley, the trolley can often begin to roll backwards!  If not caught by a member of staff (who may have multiple lines to supervise), the rider can soon after find him/herself stranded mid-way down the zipline!

The Anti-rollback Cam engages as soon as the zip braking system forces a change of direction on the trolley, causing the trolley to stop immediately.  This gives the zipline supervisor the opportunity of dismounting multiple riders, without the need to physically prevent riders from rolling backwards out of reach.

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NEW Zippey Clip'n'Zip Trolley

February 5th 2015

Why Clip'n'Zip?   We have been offering our heavy duty Zipspeed trollies for several years and the time has come to introduce a new compact trolley to compete with the lightweight one-handed fitting trollies such as the Petzl Trac.  Often the trollies for this end of the market are ‘low-cost’ or ‘budget’ options, which suffer the common problems of premature wear due to poor materials, short bearing life due to poor quality bearings and  offer very few features.

We approached XPLOR, (based in Cancun Mexico), as they have one of the world’s biggest Zip parks. Their park suffers from several of the biggest challenges for a zipline trolley and the trollies that they were using would last as little as 4-6 months.  XPLOR welcome up to 2000 people each day and each trolley travels along several kilometers of rough cable lines, in hot,/humid conditions.  The XPLOR site is situated right next to the sea, so their trollies  are vulnerable to the effects of sand and seawater getting into bearings.  XPLOR were keen to work with us in trialling and evaluating our trolley designs and our third prototype has provided them with a device that has clocked up 2000km and 1000 hits at the end of their lines!

Having consulted zipline operators from around the world throughout the development of the Zippey, we have succeeded in incorporating all the positive features needed to overcome the challenges faced by the industry.

Zippey is manufactured from high-spec 4mm aluminium plate, has a forged Aluminium gate and Stainless Steel wheels; all of which offer the best weight to performance ratio on the market. The Zippey trolley weighs 450g (1.0lb), [equaling the weight of the Petzl Trac+], yet has an MBS of 25kN (5620lbf) and therefore exceeds the 2260kg (5000lb) rating required by US standards, as well as being fully CE approved.

Download the Blog Download PDF below for details of the features of the Zippey!

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