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It's here...the NEW D5 Work/Rescue Descender!

March 21st 2016

It's here...the NEW D5 Work/Rescue Descender!

The D5 Descender has been designed for use on 1/2" (12.7mm) rope. The D5 is compliant with NFPA G and Z359.4:2013 and developed for the North American Fire & Rescue and Tower Climbing markets, which typically use 1/2" ropes.

 The D5 is a double-stop device with an auto-lock function, which is activated whenever the operator releases the handle; and a panic-brake function, which is not overly sensitive in normal use. The D5 also has a double-locking safety mechanism.  In addition to the locking button, the side plates are designed such that the plates cannot be rotated open, whilst under load, due to the position of the Karabniner.  

The D5 is easy to attach/detach from the rope, without having to detach from the harness, therefore eliminating the risk of accidental dropping of the device. The D5 features a progressive cam action, which offers precise control during low or high speeds.  The cam is made from high grade, solid Stainless Steel, for maximum durability, even in harsh environments, such as Geotech work.

A unique feature of the D5 Work/Rescue Descender is that the handle rotates through 360 degrees and emits audible 'clicks' as an indicator to the user of positive engagement of the mechanism.   It is also easy to back-feed the rope through the D5 and therefore the D5 can be used for smooth ascending or for emergency hauling (when used as part of a 'Z-rig').

The D5 has a Working Load Limit of (500lbs) 240kg, making it suitable for two-man rescue situations, without the need for the creation of extra friction. 

Blog gallery:

  • RP885 D5 Work Rescue Descender (1/2" Rope)
  • RP885 D5 Descender
  • RP885 Descender open
  • D5 Descender Handle Diagram

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ZipSpeed Trolley & Superman Harness in action at Hangloose Adventure

February 23rd 2016

What better way to view the awesome Eden Project site than by taking an aerial tour on the Hangloose Adventure Skywire Zipline!  Here you can see the ISC RP076 Large ZipSpeed Trolley, used with the Superman Harness, reaching speeds in excess of 60mph (96kph).

At 660m (2165ft) long, Skywire is longest Zipwire in England (UK).

For more information of the Hangloose Adventure Skywire Zip Line at Eden Project, click here

Photos and video courtesy of Hangloose Adventure

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Product Update- Forged Rigging Pulley

February 5th 2016

The small and medium versions are now manufactured using Hot Forged Technology, combined with high quality materials and components.  These blocks are rope friendly, durable and extremely robust.  These features combined give maximum security and strength, when the block is rigged as part of an impact system.

Apart from the aesthetically pleasing curves, the ISC impact pulley is designed to work (together with textiles) to absorb the huge forces which are created by the harsh dynamics of heavy Arborist work.  The side plates are produced using the best quality hot forged Aluminium and the special manufacturing process allows these pulleys to offer a highly impressive strength to weight ratio.

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Checkmate Max Fire Evac kit (featuring ISC D2 Descender)- Finalist in RenewableUK Awards

January 27th 2016

The RenewablesUK Award aims to promote the development, implementation and sharing of best practice in health and safety across the sector.  The award looks for initiatives that demonstrate outstanding health & safety performance and innovation, sharing of health & safety best practice and a substantial impact on risk reduction.

Entries were assessed by a judging panel made up of representatives from across the renewables and health & safety industries.

The Checkmate UK Max Fire Evac Kit, utilising ISC D2 Emergency Escape Descender, achieved a 'FINALIST' ranking in the prestigious awards!

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ISC Limited Edition Rigging Pulleys in support of The Swarm ALS Activists

January 15th 2016

Last year, we began working on a project to produce a Limited Edition run of 250 ISC Rigging Pulleys, with a specialist high-glow finish and tree design.  These awesome looking super bright Pulleys were distributed in the US by suppliers Sherrill Tree and @Height.  For each Pulley sold, ISC pledged to donate $15.00 to the The Swarm ALS Activists charity.

The Swarm ALS Activists is a moped affiliated organization that raises awareness and money for the ALS Association of Florida. This organization was founded by Stephanie and John in honour of Stephanie's father Arthur Bruce Smith, who passed away from the horrible disease June 2014. ALL of the proceeds go to the ALS Association for research and equipment for people living with ALS.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gherigs disease, is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to the spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body. The progressive degeneration of the motor neurons in ALS eventually leads to the death of the motor neurons. When the motor neurons die, the ability of the brain to initiate and control muscle movement is lost. With voluntary muscle action progressively affected, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed. [read more on the Swarm ALS Activists website]

Stephanie, Bruce's daughter, started the Swarm ALS Activists organization at the beginning of 2015.  She wanted the world to know Bruce’s story and to see how positive he was through his journey with ALS. There are still thousands of people who do not know what ALS is or what it does to someone. The amount of care, equipment, time, stress, money etc. needed by an ALS sufferer is tremendous. Insurance doesn't cover much when you have ALS, in fact if you're not in the hospital upon needing a ventilator, the insurance company will not cover it. When a person's diaphragm fails, (because with ALS all the voluntary muscle gets eaten away), the brain can be saying 'breath', but the body doesn't do the action, the body is paralyzed.  It is then very necessary for a vent, or the person would suffocate. "ALS is real and it has a very big place in my heart and I want to do everything I can to help those living with it", said Stephanie.

Rich (ISC North American Sales Manager) has been working with Stephanie on the ISC project.  “As a long time Arborist, I have had the pleasure of working with Bruce on many occasions at various climbing competitions and other events.  While I may not have been as close with Bruce as many others in our industry, I am proud to count him as a huge positive influence in my personal career and I have benefited from his knowledge and caring on many occasions.  Like many others, I have done everything that I can to continue with Bruce's mission of passing on the passion that he had for trees and those who work with them.  It is for this reason that I am especially thrilled to be part of the ISC team working with Stephanie on this project- I cannot think of a better way to thank Bruce for what he has given to our industry, than to support The Swarm ALS Activists' efforts with ALS research and the provision of care to those living with this disease.  In 2013 I was involved with video project highlighting the Geezer Competition, which I know held special meaning to Bruce and many of his friends.  We dedicated the video in honor of Bruce and all the work he has done and all the lives he has touched in our industry”.  You can view the great video of the 2013 Geezer Tree Climbing Competition here 

Rich was at the Geezer competition last week, together with Tim Bushnell of Sherrill Tree, to present a cheque in the sum of $3600, to Stephanie Smith.  Bruce Smith was a founder member of the Geezer competition, so what better event at which to present the cheque!

“Thank you for your donation and for the opportunity! We are planning on donating half of the money to the ALS Association of Florida at the ALS walk on March 19th. We go to the ALS walk every year since my dad was first diagnosed and continue to go in his memory and to show support to all of those living with ALS. The other half will go to ALS.tdi, which provides the most research for ALS and Steve Dezember who is a pALS (person living with ALS) with whom my mom and I are pen pals and have donated equipment and funds to before. I am also going to reach out to a couple more pALS to see what they need and sort of adopt them. We are very thankful to be able to do this project with ISC Wales and look forward to future opportunities”, said Stephanie (Bee) Smith, on behalf on The Swarm ALS Activists.

Are you the proud owner of an ISC Swarm ALS Activists limited edition Pulley?  We’d love to see photographs of you with your pulley, (whether that’s in use in a tree, or as a cherished collector’s ornament on your shelf!).  Please send your photos to us at or post them on our Facebook page!  

There's still time to get your hands on one of these limited edition pulleys and support this great charity, through Sherrill Tree, available while stocks last!  Buy a Pulley 

You can also donate to the ALS Association's '2016 Sarasota Walk to Defeat ALS' event, in support of Stephanie Smith's campaign here  All donations- great and small, will be much appreciated!

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Visit us at ERCA and ACCT

January 12th 2016

Join us this month at ERCA and ACCT shows, to view the full range of ISC Adventure Park innovations, including the SmartSnap Continuous Attachment Device, the ALF two-way auto-locking Climb Assist Pulley, together with the latest additions to our widest ever range of Zip Trolleys and Accessories!

Visitors will be able to see the ARC, the latest innovation for maximising Zip-line the PDF link below for more information and video! 

 Show details:

18-19 January, 2016 -ERCA Ropes Course Conference
Sportcentrum Papendal, Arnhem.  Netherlands

This years Ropes Course Meeting will be held in Arnhem, on the Dutch-German border.  This event is open to all those who are interested in the Ropes Course/Adventure Park Industry.  ERCA Membership is not required, (although these are some meetings which are for ERCA Members only).  Non-member visitors will be able to attend a range of meetings and workshops, with breaks to allow visitors time to investigate the latest innovations in the exhibit hall. 

Peter Teel will be on hand at the ISC stand (Stand No. 20).

Click here to register to attend ERCA


28-31 January, 2016 -ACCT Conference
Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa- Austin, Texas.  USA

The 26th Annual International ACCT Conference & Exposition is a four day conference for builders, owners, operators, practitioners, facilitators and all industry professional who are serious about the evolution of the Challenge Course / Aerial Adventure Park industry. If your career or livelihood is directly affected by the success or failure of challenge course technology, then join the rest of the inspiring brands, marketers and industry thought-leaders as they converge in Austin, to provide you with cutting-edge knowledge and advanced training.

Join Wayne and Rich at the ISC Stand (No.402).

Click here to register for ACCT Conference

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Product Update: D2 & D4 Descenders

January 4th 2016

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See the product in full:

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